Your integration is my fragmentation - building relationships

Meeting date/s: 15-16 October 2015

With an ageing population and growing numbers of people diagnosed with chronic disease, people's health needs are changing and demands on the health system are increasing. Globally there is a growing commitment to improving the integration of healthcare services.

Integrated care is critical for a sustainable health system to deliver the best possible health outcomes for individuals and communities. If the health system is going to respond effectively to the challenges it faces, action to improve the integration of hospital and primary care services must start now.

Strong collaborative relationships between primary and community care services, hospital and health services and non-government organisations will be critical to increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of service delivery, and coordination of care for patients.

On 15-16 October the Queensland Clinical Senate and key stakeholders from Queensland Primary Health Networks and the broader Queensland health system met to discuss issues which are important to support integrated care across the primary and secondary care continuum and actions needed to create the conditions for a more integrated system.

Meeting documentation:
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