Maximising benefits of care

Meeting dates: 1–2 August 2019

All of us involved in healthcare want to do our best for our patients and the teams who care for them. This is a given.

Despite this, we sometimes provide care that is of low benefit to patients. It can be a poor use of a patient’s time and energy, bringing little or no benefit, and potentially causing harm. It distracts our teams, reduces our capacity to provide high benefit care and is costly.

There is not one of us who would not wish to change this, and we, the clinical and consumer community, have the opportunity to make change happen!

In collaboration with Queensland statewide clinical networks, the Queensland Clinical Senate’s ‘Maximising Benefits of Care’ meeting on 1-2 August 2019 will challenge clinicians to consider ‘low benefit’ procedures – those that deliver little or no benefit at significant personal cost to patients, the teams that care for them and to the system.

We will also showcase programs of work that reduce the delivery of low benefit care and identify low benefit procedures and interventions that should be priorities for Queensland.

This meeting follows on from a previous Senate meeting which focussed on value-based care. In 2016 the Senate met to shine the spotlight on high-value innovative models of care around Queensland and committed to champion interventions directed at reducing low-value care.

Meeting facilitator

Professor Louise Cullen, emergency physician and clinical lead for PROV-ED (Promoting Value Based Care in Emergency Departments). Louise is an Eminent Staff Specialist in Emergency Medicine, a clinical trialist and change enthusiast. She is actively involved in the translation of research by clinical redesign and innovation.

Meeting documentation
Last updated: 16 October 2019