The clinical imperative for seven day healthcare delivery

Meeting date/s: 26-27 March 2015

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests there is an increase in mortality and morbidity rates for patients admitted to hospital on the weekend and after hours. It is widely recognised that patients admitted to hospital on the weekends and after hours have poorer health outcomes. Known as the ‘weekend effect’, it is a healthcare issue gaining increased attention with moves being made locally and internationally to provide consistent access to comprehensive healthcare across the seven-day week.

Meeting participants discussed equity of healthcare service delivery and outcomes across a seven-day week - unanimously agreeing that patients should have access to the same level of care regardless of what day of the week they present to hospital. The QCS will compile a detailed report of the challenges, opportunities and priorities. This will culminate in a series of recommendations for consideration by the Department of Health.

The Queensland Clinical Senate has made a number of recommendations aimed at improving the outcomes for patients admitted after hours and on weekends.

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