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We shine a spotlight on the real people behind great ideas and connect like-minded individuals to facilitate the scale and spread of success across our great state.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Explore the innovations shaping the way care will be delivered in Queensland tomorrow.

Our podcasts focus on the heart and soul of the healthcare system—clinicians delivering care and the Queenslanders that receive it.

Clinical Excellence Stories podcast

Clinical Excellence Stories podcast

The Clinical Excellence Stories podcast takes our documentaries on the go, allowing you to spend time learning about the services and the passionate Queenslanders behind them when and where it suits you.

This podcast helps you understand what it takes to implement a service and why our clinicians are motivated to serve their community.

Because their stories, are Clinical Excellence Stories.

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Clinical Excellence Showcase podcast

Clinical Excellence Showcase podcast

Recorded live at the annual Showcase event, the Clinical Excellence Showcase podcast charts the journey of improvement projects across the state.

This podcast is your opportunity to learn how others are making change happen from clinicians and administrators at the coalface who have successfully navigated healthcare system challenges to deliver improvement and innovation in their own health service.

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The POD-cast with Queensland Health

Podiatrists in Queensland Health podcast

Podiatrists are key members of the multidisciplinary high-risk foot team that includes other allied health professionals, diabetes nurse educators, endocrinologists and vascular surgeons working across a range of acute and community-based settings in rural, regional and metropolitan Queensland.

‘The POD-cast with Queensland Health’ features conversations between two podiatrists employed by the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service – Manjeet Sagoo (Team Leader) and Zoe Gyte.

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