Every k over is not okay - putting the brakes on obesity

Meeting date/s: 30-31 July 2015

Queensland is the most overweight state in Australia, with two in three (67%) adults, and one in four (25%) children overweight or obese. If nothing changes, about 3 million Queenslanders will be overweight or obese by 2020. In an effort to stop this obesity epidemic, clinicians and consumers from across Queensland came together to canvass obesity prevention strategies and interventions.

The joint Heath Consumers Queensland and Queensland Clinical Senate forum focused on:

  • Obesity prevention (not treatment)
  • Identifying strategies that consumers believe health professionals could implement that will make a difference in the short, medium and long term
  • Population group considerations - with a focus on young people, pregnancy and adults.

Meeting delegates supported the need for:

  • a systems approach to obesity prevention with the establishment of a whole of government policy agenda
  • a strong statement of intent from the health system in Queensland demonstrating a commitment to a healthy workforce and healthy community
  • clinicians and consumers working in partnership to develop and implement strategies so that monitoring weight is accepted by the community and incorporated into standard healthcare delivery.
Meeting documentation
Last updated: 20 March 2019