Bridge Labs Program

This program was designed to leverage the vast capabilities within Queensland Universities in areas of critical need for driving state-wide improvement and innovation in quality, safety, and performance. In 2020, we established formal (virtual) collaboration arrangements with local academic partners across the design, human factors science and safety innovation specialties. These labs are:

  1. The Healthcare Excellence Accelerator (HEAL) with the QUT (Queensland University of Technology) Design Lab.
  2. The Human Factors Learning and Innovation Lab (HF-NET) with the Centre for Human Factors and Socio-technical Systems at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
  3. The Safety Innovation Bridge Lab (SIBL) with the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University.

Key Outcomes

Since commencing, the Bridge Labs Program has

  • Successfully delivered on over thirty different clinical and system improvement projects
  • Engaged directly with over three hundred clinicians and healthcare colleagues
  • Catalysed a doubling of our improvement community of practice (HICOP)
  • Contributed to over $2 million of grant success to drive innovation in healthcare
  • enabled health services and CEQ’s Statewide Clinical Networks to access world-leading advisory support in their efforts to tackle complex challenges
  • Delivered numerous high-quality webinars and workshops on cutting edge thinking and tools in healthcare improvement and
  • Built scalable virtual training programs in human factors, safety leadership and design thinking
  • Led innovative work on producing design guidelines for personal protective equipment codesigned with frontline clinicians.


To learn more

If you have further questions on what we do or how you could get involved, you can email the team at or give us a call at 07 3328 9167.

For Queensland Health staff, becoming a member of the Healthcare Improvement Community of Practice (HICOP) is one of the best ways to hear about various Bridge Labs opportunities first. You can become a member simply sending an email to

Last updated: 20 July 2022