Future Hospital Program

The Future Hospital Program (FHP) is Logan and Beaudesert hospitals’ transformational strategy and commitment to addressing numerous healthcare challenges and demands, including population growth, high levels of chronic disease, cultural diversities, demand on the services and uncertainty with funding.

It is a 10-year transformational strategy to position Logan Hospital as a leader across Queensland. FHP is one of the first programs of its kind and is undertaken with the support from Clinical Excellence Queensland. The strategy aligns with Metro South Health’s 2015–2019 Strategic Plan to embrace new approaches to deliver best-practice patient care.

The Future Hospital Program Strategic Plan 2017-2027 builds upon existing exemplar hospital performance, and continues to engage with—and develop—an ambitious workforce. The strategic plan will drive 5 strategic priorities.

Safety and reliability

This strategic priority will provide the platform for delivering safer and more reliable care. The goal within this area is to achieve no preventable patient harm by adopting a safety culture underpinned by the 5 characteristics of High Reliability Organisations and through the utilisation of Digital Hospital technology to access real-time patient information and data.

Workforce capability

This strategic priority is underpinned by organisational culture. We aim to create a positive culture that empowers and enables our staff to deliver their very best work. The focus will be on creating capacity and building capability of staff through education and training that supports our future vision and equips staff with the required tools and resources to do their job within a rapidly changing work environment.

Person-centred care

This strategic priority focuses on designing a healthcare service that is responsive to individual and community needs. Through initiatives such as Planetree and Kindest systems and Partnering with Consumers National Standard, we will create a person-centred culture.

Research and innovation

This strategic priority details the overall goals for research and innovation in Logan and Beaudesert hospitals. There are 3 clear elements within the priority:

  1. Culture
  2. Collaboration
  3. Infrastructure
This is to ensure that we support our staff in the conduct of research and innovation activities, and we promote opportunities to integrate evidence into practice improvement. Our goal is to become a Centre of Research and Innovation Excellence.

Quality improvement

This strategic priority will provide the tools and techniques to make it easier to improve care using a defined improvement methodology. This area will explore evidence-based practice models that will allow us to pilot new models of care and innovations that will define Logan and Beaudesert hospitals as leaders in quality improvement across Australia.

For more information, please email futurehospitalprogram@health.qld.gov.au, or call Branko Vidakovic or Dr Brian McGowan on 07 2891 5034.


Last updated: 7 June 2019