Future Hospital Program

Like many health facilities, Logan-Beaudesert Hospital, Metro South Hospital and Health Service, is facing a number of challenges including significant population growth, increasing demand for services, the ability to deliver high reliability and high quality care within a constrained budget, and a rapidly changing environment. The Future Hospital Program is a joint Clinical Excellence Queensland (CEQ) and Logan-Beaudesert Hospital initiative designed to actively address these challenges, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery. The roll-on effect of these changes is an enhanced patient and consumer experience and a hospital the community can be proud of.

Future Hospital Program is the first project of its kind in Queensland. It is a ten-year transformational strategy that will position Logan as the beacon of clinical innovation in Queensland; a hospital where best-practice models are designed, trialled, evaluated and implemented by a keen and engaged workforce.

Future Hospital Program will be supported by a number of contributing initiatives. These initiatives will be aligned to the five strategic priorities: person-centred care, safety and reliability, workforce capability, quality improvement, and research and innovation. These initiatives are connected and supported by in-house expertise and the Clinical Excellence Division.

A key component of the transformation and one considered critical to the success of the program, is the empowerment of clinicians to drive change. It is important that clinicians are supported to engage in quality improvement initiatives that will drive clinical redesign, improved service delivery and models of care in line with a scientific approach, evidence based best practice, and CEQ objectives.

Person-Centred Care

This strategic priority focuses on designing a healthcare service that is responsive to individual and community needs. Through initiatives such as Planetree and Kindest systems Logan-Beaduesert Hospitals will create a person-centred culture.

Safety and Reliability

This strategic priority will provide the platform for delivering safer and more reliable care. Our ultimate goal is to have no serious preventable patient harm by adopting a safety culture and through the utilisation of Digital Hospital technology to access real-time patient information and data.

Workforce Capability

This strategic priority is underpinned by organisational culture. We aim to create a positive culture that empowers and enables our staff to deliver their very best work. The focus will be on creating capacity and building capability of staff through education and training that supports our future vision and equips staff with the required tools and resources to do their job within a rapidly changing work environment.

Quality Improvement

This strategic priority will provide the tools and techniques to make it easier to improve care using a defined improvement methodology. This area will explore evidence based practice models that will allow us to pilot new models of care and innovations that will define Logan and Beaudesert Hospitals as leaders in quality improvement across Australia.

Research and Innovation

This strategic priority outlines the Future Hospital Program research context, structures and principles to support decision making for sustained and developmental improvement. There will be two clear elements of the framework; demonstrating the Future Hospital Program transformation works, and the clinical research that supports organisational-wide change. The framework aims to establish a strategic and collaborative evidence-based approach to research, evaluation and innovation.

Last updated: 13 December 2018