Advancing Kidney Care 2026 Plan

The Advancing Kidney Care 2026 (AKC2026) Plan (the Plan) aims to provide Queenslanders with, or at risk of developing kidney disease, more support and greater access to kidney services.

The Plan includes four broad improvement goals:

  1. Preventing chronic kidney disease
  2. Detecting chronic kidney disease earlier for better outcomes
  3. Avoid or delay kidney failure from chronic kidney disease where possible
  4. Constantly improve specialist kidney care to deliver the best access and outcomes for all Queenslanders.

A key focus is equitable access to services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people living in regional, rural and remote areas.

Vision for good kidney care

The vision of good kidney care, as outlined in the Plan, is that Queenslanders have:

  • Information about how to reduce their risk of kidney disease
  • Timely identification of chronic kidney disease and advice and support to minimise further damage and/or slow the progression of the disease
  • Timely and equitable access to education about, and treatment choices for, kidney failure including:
    • Transplantation, including pre-emptive transplantation (preferred option for suitable patients)
    • Home-based dialysis therapies
    • Supported and medically supervised dialysis as close to home as possible
    • Comprehensive conservative care and end of life care options
  • Timely and well-executed transitions between treatment types including timely creation of vascular access for those choosing haemodialysis
  • Access to advice on medication, diet, exercise and coping with the psychological, social and practical impacts of chronic kidney disease, as required
  • Access to ancillary support and services (including transportation) as needed.

In all aspects and settings, care is patient-centred, equitable and high quality.

Available resources are optimised through an integrated approach that empowers consumers, clinicians and administrators to make evidence-based decisions and pursue continual improvement.

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Last updated: 2 March 2021