Clinician communication and engagement research

The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the difficulty for Queensland’s health system to effectively engage with frontline clinicians or raise awareness of system-level directives or changes which critically affect your work.

It is understood there has never been a formalised study into the communication consumption behaviours of clinicians within the Queensland context, meaning that current communication and engagement strategies are relying on anecdotal evidence and past experience.

To address this evidence gap, Clinical Excellence Queensland and the Reform Office are partnering with QUT’s Centre for Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology (BEST Centre) through CEQ’s Bridge Labs Program to better understand how clinicians engage with information. With tens of thousands of clinicians working across multiple streams, facilities, and locations, finding the right communication mechanisms are vitally important in ensuring you receive the information you need to help you deliver safe, high-quality care.

The project is anticipated to inform best practice communications and engagement with clinicians, benefiting the entire system.

Have your say

As part of the project, the research team will be running four in-person workshops at locations across the state.

At each workshop, a small group of clinicians will have their say on communication and engagement preferences and barriers, and brainstorm opportunities for how engagement can be improved.

Workshop details are provided below, with further information to come:

  • Workshop 1 – Brisbane (Queensland Children’s Hospital, South Brisbane) at 9.30am-12.30pm on Monday 13 March
  • Workshop 2 – Rockhampton (Rockhampton Hospital, Canning Street) at 9.30am-12.15pm on Wednesday 22 March
  • Workshop 3 – Cairns (Cairns Hospital, The Esplanade) at 8.30am-11.30am on Thursday 23 March
  • Workshop 4 – Gympie (Gympie Hospital, Henry Street) Time and date to be advised
    Please select if you’re interested in attending and we will contact you when details are available.

Further details on the study and the registration form can be found online.

To be kept up to date with the project and advised when other participation opportunities become available, please email

Other ways to have your say

If you have an interest in clinical communications, you can also join CEQ-Engage’s Clinical Communications Advisory Group. This group is comprised of volunteers from across the state and across many disciplines and provides advice on marketing campaigns targeting health professionals and insight into how we can improve our website design and navigation.

Participation only requires approximately 30 minutes of your time every 3–6 months.

To join, please email

Last updated: 27 February 2023