Queensland Clinical Networks Executive

The Queensland Clinical Networks Executive (QCNE) has a membership of eight current or immediate past Queensland Clinical Network Chairs, two consumer representatives and the Chair of the Queensland Clinical Senate (QCS). Membership includes:

  • Professor Ian Scott, Chair, Past Chair, Queensland General Medicine Clinical Network
  • Dr Alicia Veasey, Co-Chair, Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Clinical Network
  • Dr Clare Thomas, Co-Chair, Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network
  • Dr Craig Hukins, Co-Chair, Queensland Respiratory and Sleep Clinical Network
  • Ms Erin Dunn, Co-Chair, Queensland General Medicine Clinical Network
  • Dr Erin Evans, Health Consumers Queensland representative
  • Dr Glen Kennedy, Co-Chair, Queensland Cancer Clinical Network
  • Dr Konrad Kangru, Co-Chair, Queensland Rural and Remote Clinical Network
  • Dr Lisa Kelly, Co-Chair, Queensland Dementia, Ageing and Frailty Clinical Network
  • Dr Martin Wullschleger, Chair, Queensland Trauma Clinical Network
  • Dr Tanya Kelly, Chair, Queensland Clinical Senate
  • Ms Vanessa Ballard, Consumer representative

Our purpose

The QCNE provides a visible leadership structure for Queensland Clinical Networks, enabling effective and efficient engagement with stakeholders from across the health system.

The QCNE is a valuable resource to provide strategic advice on high-level decision making and invites consultation with and / or representation on key Queensland Health and Hospital and Health Service strategic committees.

Statewide Clinical Networks Activity Report 2018-19

The Statewide Clinical Networks Activity Report (PDF, 3.2MB) provides a summary of key Queensland Clinical Network achievements and activities in 2018-19.

Current priorities

  • Bringing clinical networks, HHSs and government together to improve patient flow and patient care.
  • Supporting and embedding new models of care that cross multiple sectors / multiple HHSs.
  • Accelerating real changes in clinical practice that involve multiple stakeholders (primary care, community, consumers, allied health, nursing and specialists).
  • Providing clinical leadership and advice to Queensland Health executive on system reform and governance, clinical services, workforce, quality and safety, and consumer engagement.

Contact us

Email: QldClinicalNetworks@health.qld.gov.au
Phone: +61 7 3328 9175
Postal Address: GPO Box 48, Brisbane 4001

Last updated: 31 March 2023