Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service

The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Service (PSQIS) is responsible for monitoring and supporting Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) to minimise patient harm, reduce unwarranted variations in health care and to achieve high-quality patient-centred care.

PSQIS also partners with consumers, clinicians, managers and executive to support HHS leadership teams to create or improve their patient safety and quality culture.

Our teams

Improvement and assurance

This program provides support and resources on a number of patient safety and quality initiatives to HHSs including the coordination and monitoring of statewide recommendations (e.g. Coroners), Clinical Service Capability Framework (CSCF) and Quality Assurance Committee compliance.

It is responsible for the statewide analysis of patient safety and quality issues to identify system-wide gaps and to subsequently inform effective statewide strategies and resources for system improvements to safe clinical care.

The program also responds to high priority statewide issues affecting patient safety using the science of improvement and rigorously developed tools and resources.

Systems and Support Unit

The Systems and Support Unit manages and supports a number of patient safety information systems including: VLAD CM (Variable Life Adjusted Display Clinical Monitoring); MARS (Measurement Analysis Reporting System); PSQ Reports (Patient Safety and Quality Reporting System); and PRIME CI (Clinical Incidents), PRIME CF (Consumer Feedback) and RiskMan. These information systems enable HHSs to Identify, monitor and address patient safety and quality issues with timely, meaningful and accurate information.

Analytics, survey and audit

This program is responsible for measuring patient experience and using this intelligence to inform decisions on improvements to patient-centred care. Patient experience is measured through a number of surveys facilitated to HHSs under this program. This program also provides the annual Queensland Bedside Audit, which benchmarks participating HHSs against key safety and quality priorities.


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Last updated: 1 December 2017