Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland

The Allied Health Professions' Office of Queensland (AHPOQ) leads the development, implementation and evaluation of strategies to ensure an appropriately skilled allied health workforce meets the current and future health service needs of Queensland.

AHPOQ consults with Queensland Health’s allied health professionals on workforce and policy matters and is the central source for information and advice on allied health matters across Queensland.

More information on AHPOQ’s governance responsibilities can be found on the Queensland Health website.

Capacity and capability

AHPOQ supports Hospital and Health Services to implement expanded scope of practice models for Queensland Health’s allied health professionals. Using allied health professionals to their full scope will enable Queensland Health’s hospitals and other health services to improve the delivery of healthcare and the client experience . Expanded scope includes:

  • optimising full scope of practice so that the allied health professional performs all of those duties or tasks that they are qualified to perform
  • extending scope of practice to include task(s) beyond the recognised scope of practice for that profession
  • delegating specific tasks to the support workforce (allied health assistants and technicians) to enable allied health professionals to work to full and extended scope.

AHPOQ also has responsibility for developing and implementing rural and remote workforce strategies including the Allied Health Rural Generalist Program.

The capacity and capability team are also responsible for monitoring and maximising allied health pre-entry clinical placement capacity and for facilitating training and development for the allied health workforce from new graduate to advanced roles and including support staff.

Governance and monitoring

AHPOQ provides advice to the Department of Health and Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) on workforce issues, professional standards and policies and leads statewide professional and governance networks.

This includes providing clinical governance guidelines for allied health professions in Queensland Health to enable managers and clinicians to share responsibility and accountability for quality of care, minimise risk to patients, and encourage continuous improvement in HHSs.

AHPOQ supports the development of information management, e-Health and research capacity-building strategies.


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Last updated: 27 April 2021