Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Guide

The Cancer care statewide health care strategy 2014 promotes consistency of care through multidisciplinary teams using evidence based treatment protocols, guidelines and standards and the provision of information to patients throughout their cancer journey.

Multidisciplinary team meetings provide a forum for clinicians from different disciplines to provide individualized treatment planning to people with cancer.


The Self-Assessment for Cancer Multidisciplinary Team Meetings measures have been developed from Cancer Australia’s Principles of Multidisciplinary Care, focusing on two principles:

  • Principle 1: multidisciplinary care is the standard of care for all patients with cancer.
    • Outcome 1: all patients newly diagnosed with cancer should be discussed by a multidisciplinary team regardless of location and setting.
    • Outcome 2: the MDT treatment plan recommendations are clearly documented.
    • Outcome 3: the MDT meeting discussion outcome and recommendation treatment plan should be discussed with the patient.
  • Principle 2: cancer data is collected, audited and revised at regular time periods to drive service improvement.
    • Outcome 1: MDT meetings should collect data using the national cancer clinical data set relevant to the tumour stream.

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