The Queensland Cancer Clinical Network was first established in March 2013 and serves to provide expertise, direction and advice to the Minister of Health, the Director-General of Queensland Health, Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), and clinicians on matters relating to the delivery of quality cancer services across the continuum of care in Queensland.

Queensland Health has had a clinical cancer leadership advisory group in some form since 2006, with the Queensland Cancer Clinical Network now covering all of Queensland, including Hospital and Health Services.

The Queensland Cancer Clinical Network is co-chaired by:

  • Dr Glen Kennedy, Executive Director, Cancer Care Services, Metro North Hospital and Health Service
  • Aniko Cooper, Director, Townsville Cancer Centre.

Network Vision

Our vision is for a broad, representative network that has input to and influence on key decision makers and health services across Queensland.

Current priorities

  • Queensland Cancer Centre
  • Australian Cancer Plan
  • Data access and ability to track and measure opportunities and risks in cancer across Queensland
  • Strengthening partnerships with cancer consumers
  • Cancer Genomics Resources
  • Clinician education through the Cancer Masterclass Series events
  • Optimal Care Pathways
  • Shared care with GPs opportunities
Last updated: 10 March 2023