The Statewide Cancer Clinical Network (SCaCN) was first established in March 2013 and serves to provide expertise, direction and advice to the Minister of Health, the Director-General of Queensland Health, Hospital and Health Services (HHSs), and clinicians on matters relating to the delivery of quality cancer services across the continuum of care in Queensland.

Queensland Health has had a clinical cancer leadership advisory group in some form since 2006, with the SCaCN now covering all of Queensland, including Hospital and Health Services.

The SCaCN is co-chaired by:

  • Dr Glen Kennedy, Executive Director, Cancer Care Services, Metro North Hospital and Health Service
  • Aniko Cooper, Director, Townsville Cancer Centre.

The role of the network

  • Describe a quality cancer service and contribute to statewide planning.
  • Review and monitor statewide cancer data for appropriateness and efficacy.
  • Provide high level strategic advice to the Department of Health, HHSs and other networks in relation to cancer services.
  • Review and provide advice in relation to cancer services Clinical Services Capability Framework capabilities of the HHSs as requested.

Current priorities

  • Build and develop relationships across the state to form an integrated, coordinated efficient service with private sector and non-government support services.
  • Ongoing health service planning to inform and identify options and determine timelines in relation to sustainable services, capability and capacity management within Hospital and Health Services whilst considering collaborative service structures and service networks between rural, regional, metropolitan and quaternary services and private providers.
  • Conduct a patient experience survey.
  • Strengthen system capacity to enable appropriate access to clinical trials across HHSs.
  • Strengthen the mechanisms to report formal Queensland cancer performance measures and cancer care management information, and in doing so, look at expanding access, use and availability of information across HHSs.
Last updated: 19 August 2019