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Goal-setting in rehabilitation has long been recommended in organisational and professional guidelines. Promoting goal-setting and planning in rehabilitation services was one of the initial priorities identified by rehabilitation clinicians and stakeholders at the time the Statewide Rehabilitation Clinical Network was first established in 2014.

Person centered goal-setting is a vital component of rehabilitation services. Incorporating an interdisciplinary approach to person centered goal-setting in rehabilitation facilitates a coordinated approach to delivery of treatments and interventions that are focused on the values of individuals and their families. Improving person centered goal-setting practices has the potential to improve client engagement in rehabilitation, improve client outcome and team efficiency.

The Statewide Rehabilitation Clinical Network is extremely proud to have sponsored this project and the development of “Rehabilitation goal-setting guideline and implementation toolkit” and would like to thank very much the Working Group Leads Alison New and Annette Horton, all members and particularly Project Officer, Amanda Baker.

We strongly encourage all rehabilitation services and clinicians in Queensland to become familiar with this guideline and toolkit and the related goal-setting resources developed as part of this project and to incorporate goal-setting and action planning into their own rehabilitation practice and services.

Potential benefits

  • Improvement in person-centered, interdisciplinary goal-setting in rehabilitation.
  • Improved consumer engagement and experience in rehabilitation services.
  • Potential for improved rehabilitation outcomes.

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Last updated: 30 April 2019