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The Management of acute care needs of RACF residents provide pathways and practice points to ensure clarity with decision-making to optimise care for residents of aged care facilities.


The Lower Gulf Strategy brings together three partners (Gidgee Healing, Western Queensland Primary Health Network and North West Hospital and Health Service) who are working together to redesign...


The PreSS initiative involves the introduction of a pre-filled saline syringe specifically designed for flushing vascular access devices.


The Cannulation Rates in Emergency Department Intervention Toolkit (CREDIT) initiative uses a multimodal educational intervention aimed at reducing insertion of unnecessary, "just in case"...


Decisions regarding eating and drinking during palliative care can be complex and may significantly impact on an individual’s quality of life. Speech Pathologists (SPs) may feel ill prepared and...


This project is centered around embedding a Rural Generalist with advanced skills Mental Health within the existing medical workforce of the Cooktown cluster. It has enabled establishment of...


Health promotion remains a pillar in preventative health care. The community demand for health promotion activities, particularly in rural and remote communities is high. However, when surveyed,...


Food and drink outlets are often the first thing you see when you walk into a hospital, making them an ideal place to showcase a commitment to healthy living. As part of the Rapid Results Program...


#BIGRURAL is a youth focused health service linking existing services and strengthening community capacity. The service allows for a rapid response to vulnerable young people as well as improving...


Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC), implemented as a key component of the Government’s Specialist Outpatient Strategy, are clinical decision support tools that help ensure patients referred...

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