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10 Oct
Emergency CNC: it’s a privilege

To kick-start Emergency Nurses Week, today we’re hearing from Clinical Nurse Consultant Brett Sellars from Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast.

07 Oct
Keeping older people well in hospital

Recent health policies have recommended keeping older people out of hospital wherever possible – but given our ageing population, is this actually feasible? That’s the question we’re asking ahead of Ageism Awareness Day today – 7 October.

06 Oct
Perioperative nurses – the unsung heroes of healthcare!

If you’ve never been to theatre – as a patient or clinician - you mightn’t know much about what goes on behind those closed doors. The reality is, there’s a lot going on, and for Perioperative Nurses Week – which this year takes place from 2-8 October – we’re turning the surgical lights to shine on perioperative nurses!

30 Sep
Metro North providing better support for RACF residents

Tomorrow is International Day of the Older Person and to celebrate, we’re showcasing the wonderful work of Metro North’s Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral Service’s Rapid Response team, known as RADAR RR. And yes, the service is as cool as the name! We spoke with Jenny Townsley, Nurse Practitioner Candidate for the team, and she told us how the model works.