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26 Jun
Management of mild COVID-19 in rural Queensland
Last week we brought you news of the Community management of mild COVID-19 in rural Queensland. The pathway provides clinicians working in rural Queensland access to a safe and consistent community pathway for patients with mild COVID-19 infection who do not require hospitalisation.
23 Jun
SSIP goes “International”

When Gladstone Hospital Emergency Physician Dr Jacob O’Gorman submitted his Standardised and Safe Intubation Package (SSIP) to the PROV-ED Project, he had no idea of just how far this initiative wo

31 Jan
Nurse colposcopy training in Queensland

In December 2017, Australia introduced a more effective method for cervical screening meaning that for most patients, pap smears were not required every two years. While the latest medical and scientific evidence shows the new cervical screening test is more effective at detecting the human papillomavirus (HPV), the referral rate for colposcopy has increased because of the number of women with positive HPV results.

28 Jan
The only way is up for the Healthcare Improvement Fellowship

The Healthcare Improvement Fellowship saw its cohort triple in 2019, with the 11 fellows coming from all over Queensland. The fellowship program uses a ‘virtual classroom’ to connect participants and holds several in-person residential workshops over the year.

22 Jan
Simple solution to help improve refugees' oral health

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer (OCDO), in partnership with the Refugee Health Network Queensland and Refugee Oral Health Working Group (ROHWG), have translated their ‘How to brush your teeth’ stickers to multiple languages. These instructions encourage better tooth brushing among refugee and asylum seeker communities, and will be given to all newly arrived families in Queensland.