World Kidney Day

Thursday, March 14, 2019

March 14 marks World Kidney Day; a timely reminder of the importance of kidneys to our overall health. It is estimated that 850 million people worldwide have kidney diseases, with 2.4 million people dying from chronic kidney diseases each year.

Through the Advancing Kidney Care 2026 Collaborative and Statewide Renal Clinical Network, Clinical Excellence Queensland is proudly working to improve kidney health and services for Queenslanders.

Established in September last year, the collaborative is already working alongside clinicians and consumers across the state to set the strategic direction for kidney health and care, and develop patient pathways, resource profiles, quality statements and outcome measures for ongoing service delivery.

“While kidney disease is an increasing burden on the health system, I am proud of the work we’re undertaking to address this through our Statewide Renal Clinical Network and Advancing Kidney Care 2026 Collaborative,” Assistant Deputy Director-General and Chief Clinical Information Officer, Associate Professor Keith McNeil said.

“I want to thank all the clinicians and consumers involved in the network and collaborative for their timeless work. Your passion, support and guidance is invaluable to making a difference as we strive to achieve kidney health for everyone, everywhere.”

Last year’s Statewide Renal Clinical Network Forum brought the focus back to consumers, and championed for putting them first to design models of care that have a positive impact on patients and their health. In addition, it showcased our involvement in the national REDUCCTION Project to reduce the rate of dialysis catheter related infections.

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Last updated: 14 March 2019