Care Plan for the Dying Child

The Care Plan for the Dying Child is an interprofessional document to support compassionate, coordinated and best-practice care in the last days of life. It is a framework that supports health professionals in acute hospital settings to deliver high quality paediatric end-of-life care.

Educational videos for health professionals

A suite of educational videos have been designed to support health professionals in having difficult conversations with children and families about death and dying. Examples of best-practice principles in paediatric end-of-life care are demonstrated and can be used to stimulate conversations amongst clinicians about their communication skills.

Discussing how to manage clinical deterioration when a child is dying

Supporting families to have difficult

Discussing end-of-life care

When a child brings up “death and dying”

Please note: In these scenarios, the families are already well known to the health professionals involved.

Additional Resources

Last updated: 9 August 2019