Information for paediatric patients

Approximately 5700 Queensland families are living with a child or young person with a life-limiting condition. The emotional, physical and financial struggle for these families can be immense.

Care at the end of life and palliative care for infants, children and young people with a life-limiting condition involves care and support for physical, emotional, psychological, cultural, spiritual and social needs. Care focuses on quality of life—it does not mean withdrawing all treatment.

Support is provided for infants, children and young people with life-limiting illnesses, as well as their parents, siblings, grandparents, school and community.

Care at the end of life and palliative care can be provided at:

  • home
  • children's hospital
  • local hospital
  • hospice.

Paediatric Palliative Care Service

Children's Health Queensland's Paediatric Palliative Care Service cares for infants, children and young people with a variety of illnesses. The service is based in Brisbane but forms part of a statewide network of healthcare providers to support families across Queensland. Our team will work in partnership with the child's primary treating team (GP or paediatrician).

Find out more about Children's Health Queensland Paediatric Palliative Care Service.

Bereavement Support Program

Children's Health Queensland's Bereavement Support Program provides loss and grief counselling and support to families at any time during a child's palliative and end-of-life care and their family's bereavement.

Some parents value having someone they can talk with about their hopes, and fears and the emotions associated with grieving through this difficult time.

The Bereavement Support Program provides:

  • individual and family counselling
  • information and resources
  • monthly bereavement support group in Brisbane
  • professionally facilitated telegroup program
  • newsletter
  • consultation and support for health professionals throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Learn more about the Bereavement Support Program.

Hummingbird House

Hummingbird House is Queensland’s only children’s hospice, and one of only three children’s hospices in Australia. They provide specialised paediatric palliative care services to children and young people with a life-limiting condition, helping them make the most of every precious moment they have.

Hummingbird House is a state-wide service that strives to provide families with choice about when, where and how they receive care. Families can choose to access their services at their purpose-built home away from home in Brisbane, or in their home or community. Since 2016, Hummingbird House has welcomed hundreds of families from right across Queensland into their warm embrace. Their vision is to be there for every eligible family that needs them, and to ensure families are connected to a community that knows how to care for them; in life, death and bereavement.

Learn more about Hummingbird House.

Planning ahead

Children and young people under 18 can participate in advance care planning. However, children and young people under 18 cannot complete legal advance care planning documents, including an advance health directive, enduring power of attorney and a will.

Talk to your healthcare team for more information about advance care planning for children and young people under 18.

Read more about consent for children and young people under 18.

Clinician education

Quality of Care Collaborative - Australia: Delivering education in paediatric palliative care (QuoCCA)

QuoCCA seeks to improve skills, knowledge and confidence of health professionals involved in delivery of paediatric palliative care across Australia through pop-up and scheduled education sessions.

This initiative is led by Children's Health Queensland, in collaboration with other children's hospitals throughout Australia.

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Last updated: 2 September 2021