Queensland Sepsis Program Pharmacy Pilot

Queensland Health is partnering with the Pharmacy Guild (Queensland) to explore how pharmacies can increase consumer awareness of sepsis as part of its wide-ranging Queensland Sepsis Program (QSP). As pharmacists play a key role in most consumers’ healthcare journeys, they are well-placed to engage and inform at risk consumers about the signs and symptoms of sepsis, and when to seek urgent medical attention.

Participating Community Pharmacies will:

  • Identify pharmacists’ sepsis education needs
  • Co-design sepsis training resources with the Pharmacy Guild and the QSP
  • Co-design and test ideas aimed at raising consumer awareness of sepsis
  • Collaborate with the QSP to evaluate and report on the effectiveness of ideas tested


  • potential avenue for raising public awareness of sepsis
  • resources developed could be used by other pharmacies to raise awareness of sepsis
  • more consumers with signs and symptoms of sepsis may seek urgent medical attention early, improving their chances of better outcomes
  • increased awareness of sepsis amongst consumers and staff at participating pharmacies

To find out more about the pilot please download the Community pharmacies raising public awareness of Sepsis infograhic (PDF, 2.28MB), or email Sepsis@health.qld.gov.au.

Last updated: 11 July 2022