Maternity Services Forum

The Maternity Services Forum 2016 was convened in response to concerns that had been raised about public maternity services in Queensland.

While some of the issues identified were local and are currently being addressed at the local level, some common systemic themes were identified. The Maternity Services Forum saw a number of health professionals from midwifery, obstetrics, academia, medicine and primary care, and industry, safety and quality staff as well as consumers come together to discuss these issues and reach agreement on how best to address them.

At the conclusion of the forum, three working groups were formed to work alongside the Statewide Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Network. These groups align themselves to three key themes:

  • Group 1: Developing a collaborative leadership culture in Maternity Services.
  • Group 2: Improving the reliability of identification and management of risk especially during labour.
  • Group 3: Improving sustainability, support and skills of clinical workforce to support reliable care.
  • The forum also discussed the needs and expectations of Indigenous mothers. To further explore issues specific to Indigenous mothers, the ‘Growing Deadly Families: a healthy start for mums and bubs’ forum was held in August 2017. The forum focused on the needs and expectations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. Additional key opportunities for improvement were identified for consideration at a local level and by the Department of Health.
  • As a result of the Growing Deadly families forum a fourth maternity services action group has been established to develop a three year action plan to progress strategies to improve maternity services for Indigenous mothers and babies.


To join the conversation, simply register your interest to receive updates on the Maternity Service Improvement Project by emailing us. You can also keep up-to-date on the progress of the Maternity Services Improvement Project through our communiques:

Last updated: 6 December 2022