Statewide ECG and Clinical Support Project

Initiative Type
Service Improvement
09 January 2018
Last updated
15 July 2021


The service will offer rural and remote clinician’s rapid access to clinical specialist advice, including ECG interpretation, from their supporting tertiary cardiac centre. The project is being rolled out under the SCCN’s Cardiac Information Solution Program in partnership with each of the participating HHSs.

Key dates
Dec 2016
Dec 2017
Implementation sites
Cairns Hospital and Health Service


Improve the care and outcomes of patients suffering emergency cardiac events.


  • 24/7 rapid access to specialist cardiology and ECG interpretation advice.
  • Improved rates of appropriate, timely and evidence based care for cardiac patients.
  • Improved professional support and access to real-time and historical medical records of ECG and clinical advice.
  • Improved access and support for exercise stress testing and holter monitoring.


Cairns Hospital and Health Service was one of the first sites to establish a support service for its surrounding hospitals including some in the Torres and Cape HHS.

It has now also been established at:

  • Townsville Hospital and Health Service
  • North West Hospital and Health Service
  • Mackay Hospital and Health Service
  • Metro South Hospital and Health Service 
  • South West Hospital and Health Service 
  • Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service
  • Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Work is currently being undertaken in Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

The last stage will be to establish a support service at Central West Hospital and Health Service. 

Solutions Implemented

The whole project will transfer to Business as Usual (BAU) before the end of 2020. It will technically be managed by eHealth, with Healthcare Improvement Unit remaining the business entity. 

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Key contact

Kylie Kidby
Network Coordinator
Healthcare Improvement Unit
(07) 3328 9193

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