Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry

Initiative Type
Data Collection
Service Improvement
09 January 2018
Last updated
14 September 2023


Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry (QCOR) supports Hospital and Health Services (HHS) statewide (and soon to include private providers) to collect and use clinical data in areas such as acute coronary syndrome (interventional cardiology), cardiac and thoracic surgery, heart failure, cardiac imaging/echocardiography, electrophsyiology and pacing, and cardiac rehabilitation.

Key dates
Dec 2016
Dec 2017
Implementation sites
All Queensland Public Hospitals
Queensland Ambulance Service


A clinically led and managed 'quality' program, that delivers relevant and trusted clinical data.


Clinical and operational data is collected from point of care and direct entry systems and complied into clinician, site and statewide-level reports and dashboards for users to apply. Data is also sent on to national data registries for further benchmarking.


The Statewide Cardiac Clinical Informatics Unit was established to enable the collation and analysis of clinical data collected in various electronic applications. Following the 2007, Adult Cardiac Service Quality Information Systems (ACQIS) project, focus was placed on understanding the experience of clinicians concerning their needs for quality clinical data relating to cardiac services in Queensland. Specifically, the undertaking focused on information management challenges facing cardiac service delivery. Key priority areas were identified to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of cardiac care in Queensland. In 2009, the Statewide Cardiac Clinical Network (SCCN) mandated the establishment of a multi-year health informatics program, the Cardiac Information Solutions Program (CISP). Tasked with resolving information management barriers, CISP has assisted in the provision of applications developed to meet the need of an evolving workspace and maturing clinical needs. To date, CISP has delivered across a number of cardiac specialties ranging from vendor point of care clinical applications to bespoke in-house applications. All systems provide the ability to allow clinical audit for cardiac service specialties, as well as assisting in point of care decision support where appropriate. With statewide cardiac clinical systems in place, vast amounts of clinical data have been captured and consolidated. In addition to this, relevant administrative data is captured to complement existing clinical data collections. This information is sourced to reduce the requirement for capture of ancillary administrative data by clinicians. Together these data are collectively known as the Queensland Cardiac Outcomes Registry (QCOR).

By providing a combination of comprehensive and rigorous reports, deep insights into the quality and safety of Cardiac Care across Queensland has been gained. QCOR provides clinicians valid and robust data with meaningful clinical indicators enabling adherence to and setting of benchmarks for evidence based practice. QCOR is an exciting initiative supporting a clinician led and managed quality and safety program. It also serves as a model for the establishment of other disease based registries within the public health sector environment.

Solutions Implemented

The information is combined with data from the Queensland Ambulance Service and Queensland Health administrative data to offer a comprehensive view of patient care and outcomes.

Evaluation and Results

Clinical craft groups have been formed to drive the programs to ensure the data is accurate and useful. These groups have set clinical indicators and work together to apply the data to quality monitoring and improvement initiatives.

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Key contact

Kylie Kidby
Network Coordinator
Healthcare Improvement Unit
(07) 3328 9193

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