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Initiative Type
System Improvement
11 November 2019
Last updated
12 December 2019


Embedding a brief, low-intensity mindfulness‐based programme into an ED to enhance staff wellness. It includes a four-minute pause at handover, a weekly mindfulness session and information flyers.

Key dates
Apr 2016
Jun 2020
Implementation sites
Gold Coast University Hospital ED and Robina ED


To initiate and normalise the conversation around staff wellness and struggle – to make it okay to not be okay for staff working in an Emergency Department (ED) and for them to know that if they struggle, it is normal, they are not alone and they can talk about it.


The program definitely has positive benefits on a subconscious level that are intangible or cultural and reminds people of what is important. Staff also feel valued and supported.


ED staff are subject to many stressors, but there are few descriptions of collective approaches to enhancing wellness in this setting. This project was initiated to develop a programme that will address these issues at department level, to report the feasibility and sustainability of the programme, and its impact on staff.

Solutions Implemented

Create time and a culture among staff to incorporate mindfulness in the Emergency Department.

Evaluation and Results

ED staff feedback indicate that these activities make them feel appreciated and that they are not alone.

Lessons Learnt

  • Leadership endorsement is vital
  • Be adaptable and responsive to feedback
  • Persevere!

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Key contact

Dr Shahina Braganza
Senior Staff Specialist
Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service
07 5687 5326

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