Innovative program luring docs to Logan

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The transformation of a southeast Queensland hospital has seen specialists actively seeking to work there.

Logan Hospital’s Future Hospital Program, or FHP, is transforming the way care is delivered at the hospital across five strategic areas. More of our senior leaders were treated to a tour of the hospital recently to see some of the achievements and initiatives delivered under the FHP banner, including the emergency department, renal dialysis unit, Ward 3A’s Excellence in Bedside Care (EiBC) projects and palliative care’s virtual reality project.

man stands with hospital staff in a corridor wearing virtual reality goggles

PICTURED ABOVE: Pictured left to right: Gillian Myles (CNC), Dr Brian McGowan (Clinical Lead, FHP), Vesna Hunter (Program Manager, FHP), Branko Vidakovic (Operational Lead, FHP), Dr John Wakefield (Deputy Director-General, CEQ), Damien Searle (Director Healthcare Improvement Unit, CEQ), Dr Leslie Gan (A/Director Rehabilitation Unit) and Hailie Uren (Safety & Reliability Strategic Lead, FHP).

Following the tour, Dr John Wakefield, Deputy Director-General CEQ thanked staff for their time. “It was a great pleasure to spend the morning at Logan Hospital to hear about FHP. This program, which is a partnership between CEQ and Logan Hospital, is helping to transform patient outcomes by making Logan Hospital a truly great place to work. There are many excellent initiatives underway, but the take-home for me was hearing directly from a specialist doctor who chose to work at Logan because of the collegiate culture and reputation for innovation.”

"We know that leaders create the culture, and that culture is a direct proxy for outcomes for patients and staff. Logan Hospital is in good hands, and the Future Hospital Program is key to this goal. A very big thank you to the leadership and staff at the Logan Hospital for welcoming me onto your patch, and for the awesome work you are doing,” Dr Wakefield said.

Michael Zanco, Executive Director at CEQ, echoed John’s sentiments, saying the success of FHP was rightfully drawing a lot of attention. “Other health services around the country and internationally are looking towards Logan Hospital to gain insight as to how they can improve their services. I always like visiting Logan. I feel there is a really positive culture despite the demands of working within a very busy health service,” he said.

Damian Searle, Director at CEQ, was impressed by the uniqueness of the program. “In seeing the program in action, the thing that really strikes me is the cultural change aspect and the very positive ‘improvement’ culture that exists with the staff at Logan hospital. It’s a great program and CEQ are committed to help support the program to meet its full potential.”

Thanks to Dr Jacinta Powell, Executive Director Logan and Beaudesert Hospitals, the FHP team and hospital staff for your time, and for the great work you are doing each and every day!

For more information on the Future Hospital Program, visit the webpage. Or to discover other innovative projects, check out our Improvement Exchange.

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Last updated: 11 June 2019