Trauma Integrated Clinical Systems (TrICS) Project

Initiative Type
Service Improvement
20 July 2018
Last updated
04 November 2020


The TrICS Project will collate trauma-related data from multiple sources into a single repository for clinical use. There are multiple services areas and agencies that provide care to trauma patients in Queensland, and a number of stakeholders who can benefit from using this data to inform service delivery planning and improvements.

Clinical stakeholders working in trauma care were consulted to seek their clinical and business intelligence requirements. This process articulated  the data elements, data sources, and scope of records to be acquired and collated. Using this, the building up of enterprise data views is underway, alongside ongoing data acquisition. Currently an integrated emergency department view of trauma patients is being validated and some basic reports developed. Following this, further trauma views will be developed including pre-hospital care, inpatient care, surgery, pathology and radiology, and views incrementally integrated.

Clinical Excellence Queensland’s Healthcare Innovation and Transformation Excellence Collaboration (HITEC) is coordinating the project on behalf of the Statewide Trauma Clinical Network.

Key dates
Mar 2017
Jun 2019
Implementation sites
This is a statewide solution for trauma services
This project is sponsored by the Statewide Trauma Clinical Network and managed by HITEC.


The solution aims to acquire, standardise and integrate trauma-related data from multiple sources into a single repository for clinical use.


Integrating trauma-related data and presenting it in a standardised way allows data to be used more effectively for clinical service improvement.


The Statewide Trauma Clinical Network supports clinical quality improvement based on data collection and analysis, but trauma data sources are varied and siloed across the care continuum. A number of stakeholders have a vested interest in a single consistent reliable data source so the trauma data warehouse plans to fill a known gap.

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Key contact

OCCIO Manager
Office of the Chief Clinical Information Officer (OCCIO)
(07) 344 37109

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