World Breastfeeding Week – the consumer story

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Across the South West region, South West Hospital and Health Service midwives support new mothers to initiate and maintain breastfeeding. As we see out our celebration of all things breastfeeding for World Breastfeeding Week 2020, we’re thrilled to share Ashley Morgan-French’s story.

Ashley would like to share her thanks for midwife Kelsey Brumpton, who she had supporting and helping her during her two pregnancies. Here at CEQ we strongly value the role of consumers and advocates and a celebration, plan or strategy would not be complete without sharing the consumer experience!

Ashley writes:

Although my first pregnancy didn’t go as planned, I felt so supported and encouraged by Kelsey the whole way. Being a new mum was challenging, but Kelsey helped me through this and helped me with breastfeeding Finley (now two years old).

I ended up feeding Finley for five months and that was truly thanks to the wonderful support of Kelsey who visited me for check-ups every day I am pretty sure! And now I have just had my second baby, Revie, who is six weeks old, and we are doing much better. I guess I am more confident, knowing the tricks of the trade and I am really enjoying it.

But without Kelsey by my side I wouldn’t be the confident mum I am today. I really appreciate that Kelsey has supported my breastfeeding journey my way and I probably wouldn’t have continued breastfeeding either of my babies without you, so thank you Kelsey!

And thank you to all the wonderful midwives across the South West. We truly are so lucky to have you supporting us through our pregnancies – pre and post!

Last updated: 6 August 2020