Transforming health service culture at the workplace

Friday, August 23, 2019

The Executive Director, Centre for Leadership Excellence (CLE), Jan Phillips said: ‘CLE are currently partnering with nine hospital and health services (HHSs), including the Torres and Cape HHS, Cairns and Hinterland HHS, North West HHS, West Moreton HHS, Mackay HHS, Townsville HHS, Central Queensland HHS, Sunshine Coast HHS, and Children’s Health Qld.’

A capability development strategy—comprising several different programs—is developed for each HHS. It is approved by their chief executive before implementation. The initatives target staff at all levels, including the executive team.

‘The success of our partnerships with the HHSs relies on building strong relationships and undertaking extensive consultation with key stakeholders so we can clearly understand the key challenges facing them. This helps CLE to develop appropriate bespoke capability development strategies,’ Ms Phillips said.

The Senior Director, CLE, Paul Stafford said: ‘One of our latest initatives, that we are very excited about, is the Better Health North Queensland (NQ) Mentoring Program. It involves collaboration across a number of HHSs.’

‘Better Health NQ is a group of key HHSs and primary health networks in North Queensland who are working together to improve healthcare by developing networks for cooperative service delivery in North Queensland.

‘In partnership with Mackay HHS, we have developed a six-month mentoring program to support the ongoing development of key leaders from Mackay, Cairns and Hinterland, North-West, Townsville, and Torres and Cape HHSs who form the Better Health NQ collaborative.

‘This program aims to provide mentees with exposure to senior managers, providing opportunities to develop new skills, capabilities and perspectives. Mentors and mentees will meet on a regular basis via teleconference or video conference over the duration of the six-month program.’

The program begins on 17 September 2019, with a one-day workshop in Mackay.

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Last updated: 26 August 2019