NIX online learning package now live!

Monday, June 15, 2020

The much-anticipated Nurse Initiated X-ray (NIX) learning package is now live on iLearn!

The initiative was presented at the PROmoting Value-based care in EDs (PROV-ED) Pitchfest 2019 by Nurse Practitioner Sarah and Nurse Educator Carly as part of the ‘Nursing Trifecta’ implemented at Logan Hospital’s Emergency Department. Sarah and Carly were crowd favourites, delighting the audience and panel with a role play for their 3-minute pitch.

Building on the resources developed at Logan Hospital and from previous statewide work (including by the Statewide Emergency Department Nurse Educator Committee), the PROV-ED Project Team has engaged relevant stakeholders to develop the PROV-ED NIX package and to ensure it is endorsed at a statewide level.

The learning package on iLearn is part of this broader PROV-ED NIX package which also includes resources and implementation guidelines to address:

  1. Local governance (hospital / HHS level)
  2. Practical assessment (Clinical Skills Assessment Tool or CSAT).

Registered nurses with appropriate experience who complete the iLearn theoretical component and the practical assessment (CSAT) will be able to confidently work within their scope of practice. Current legislation (including the Radiation Safety Act 1999 and the Radiation Safety Regulation 2010) supports Nurse Initiated X-Ray for plain film diagnostic x-rays.

According to PROV-ED Senior Project Officer Tanya Milburn, ‘NIX is one of the current PROV-ED initiatives that has attracted a lot of interest, particularly from nursing staff. We are really excited to have this platform up and running as it has taken nearly nine months of consultation to get here’.

Given the long history of NIX in Queensland Health, the PROV-ED Project Team is confident that this iteration has the appropriate statewide endorsement to have the legs (and upper limbs) to stay upright!

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Last updated: 23 June 2020