Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs nursing

Working in mental health is not something to fear – it is connecting with people in a time of crisis and helping them get to a better place.

Mental health impacts many Australians, with almost half of the 16 – 85 year old Australian population estimated to experience a mental health concern during their lifetime.

Mental health nursing is an incredibly diverse profession that allows you to be creative and innovative in the way care is provided.

In fact, mental health care has changed – care is now delivered across the health sector from acute inpatient facilities to the community setting, providing a range of career opportunities. Alcohol and other drugs is another specialty area, particularly for those working in mental health.

Mental health nurses are consistently in high demand, which means there are limitless opportunities to work, grow and develop in the specialty.

There’s no limit to where a career in mental health will take you.

Hear from nurses working in Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs

Transition support program

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Perinatal Wellbeing

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Child and youth

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Be the change

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Rural and remote

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Co-Responder Model

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Alcohol and other drugs

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Connecting with addiction

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Secure mental health rehabilitation

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