Queensland Health offers a range of career and development opportunities for our nurses and midwives. Find out where a career in nursing or midwifery can take you.

Midwives and nurses are with you at every step of life - they see you into the world and care for you as you leave it, and help you to stay healthy and well for the time in between.

Queensland offers a range of exciting employment opportunities for midwives and nurses from complex tertiary hospitals, to rural and remote facilities, retrieval services and community-based health services.


Queensland Health is proud to provide a wide range of opportunities to support the professional development of our nurses and midwives.
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Aged Care nursing
Aged care nursing
The aged care nursing series explores the experiences of nurses working in this specialty area right across Queensland. Be inspired by their stories caring for some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people.
Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs  nurse
Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs nursing
Mental health and alcohol and drugs nursing is another specialty field that is also highly rewarding. In this video series, we hear about how the root of all nursing stems from establishing a connection and building rapport, and this specialty is no different.
Midwifery in Queensland
Midwifery is a rewarding profession offering many diverse career paths. No two days are the same, and you’ll play an integral role in creating families.