•   Project Name

    Prisoner health consultation

  •   HHS:

    Health Consumers Queensland

  •   Initiative:

    Consumer consultation

  •   Presented by:

    Anne Curtis

In 2018, HCQ conducted consultation with prisoners in seven correctional centres to inform the Offender Health Services Review Report. Three years later, the Office for Prisoner Health and Wellbeing (OPHW) engaged Health Consumers Queensland to revisit the same seven correctional centres to learn from prisoners what has changed and what needs to be improved.

A total of 112 prisoners were consulted in 19 group sessions during March to May 2021. Each consultation was up to an hour, during which Prisoner Advisory Committee (PAC) members were given an opportunity to express their views about their experiences with prisoner health services, with a focus on access and delivery, and to provide suggestions about what could be done to improve services.

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