Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway

Queensland Health rural and remote services offer enormous opportunities for allied health professionals.

Allied health professionals are key members of rural and remote multi-disciplinary healthcare teams. Many health practitioners working in rural and remote areas are generalists in their profession. They can deliver services in a range of clinical areas and settings, and provide care for clients with a wide variety of healthcare needs.

Being a rural generalist in your allied health profession means that you can use your skills and knowledge to make a difference in your community.

The Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway provides support at each career stage, with rural generalist training positions for early career practitioners, and development programs for senior allied health professionals. The pathway provides mentoring and networking, funded post-graduate training, development-focussed positions, and opportunities to work in and develop innovative services.

Start your rural and remote practice journey with Queensland Health. There is no limit to where it could take you.

Rural generalist training positions

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Rural generalist trainees

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Rural and remote practice

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Rural and remote lifestyle

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Telehealth services

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Working and training in rural and remote Queensland

More information on the Allied Health Rural Generalist Pathway and other benefits and incentives for rural and remote allied health professionals is available on the Allied Health Professions’ Office of Queensland website.

Allied health job opportunities in rural and remote areas, including Allied Health Rural Generalist Training Positions, are advertised on the Work for Us website.

Visit Work for Us website

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