Undergraduate Nursing Students Improving Time to Treat

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    Undergraduate Nursing Students Improving Time to Treat

  •   HHS:

    Metro South HHS

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    Mrs Linda Perry

The introduction of an Undergraduate Student in Nursing (USIN) model of care for ECG performance was implemented. We have contracted 2.96FTE USiN to work 2 shifts 7days a week to implement a new waiting room model of care. The model of care is deliberately procedure/guideline driven given the limited scope of practice for the USIN group. All category 2 chest pain patients are ordered and ECG by the triage nurse and referred to the USIN for completion. We have set up a direct line of review for the ECGs with a dedicated SMO allocated to review ensuring quality review is undertaken. Using a USIN to perform the task of an ECG, similar to a technician position, has freed up nursing time to perform critical thinking and clinical prioritisation within the waiting room.

From a fiscal point of view, the USiN is also cheaper to add to a work force already stretched from budget perspective. It has seen an improvement in time-to-treat, specifically for the cohort of ATS Category 2 chest pain presentations. The key achievements to date, are an overall improvement in patient safety, improvement in time-to-treat measures and an immeasurable improvement in staff morale.

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