Sit, Talk and Yarn (STaY) - Suicide Prevention in Cherbourg

  •   Project Name

    Sit, Talk and Yarn (STaY) - Suicide Prevention in Cherbourg

  •   HHS:

    Darling Downs HHS

  •   Initiative:

    Model of Care

  •   Presented by:

    Mr William Pitt and Mr Clowry Kennell

Sit, Talk and Yarn—or STaY—is an innovative suicide prevention initiative in Cherbourg, implemented under the Darling Downs Indigenous Health Unit. Dovetailing best practice suicide intervention with a whole of community approach, the service is drastically improving support provided to consumers identified as lower risk in the clinical setting.

Through embedding non-clinical interventions, connecting support networks and embedding social and emotional wellbeing principles in the standard model of care, the project is destigmatising suicide and improving outcomes for the community.

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