How to GEDI: Step 3 – GEDI service management

Having implemented the GEDI service model, the next challenge for the GEDI team is to ensure the sustainability and ongoing management of the service. The principles of continued management are:

  • Establishing protocols in the ED that ensure the best care for older people e.g. identify which groups are responsible for which areas, establish palliative care pathways
  • GEDI team contributing clinical expertise to the ED
  • Ensuring GEDI team professional and clinical development
  • Contribution to staff development of nursing and medical teams related to care of older persons
  • Embedding GEDI staff and service delivery management within the ED and ensuring the GEDI service evolves in line with the needs of the patient cohort, the ED, the hospital and community it serves
  • Monitoring and evaluation of GEDI staff process indicators.


Last updated: 6 February 2020