New Technology Funding Evaluation Program

The New Technology Funding and Evaluation Program (NTFEP) is an annual investment of $5 million by Queensland Health to introduce and evaluate innovative healthcare technologies new to the Queensland public health system.

Technology has contributed to remarkable advances in health care and continues to play an important role in patients receiving safer and more effective care and health care services delivered more efficiently. However, technologies contribute to the increase in healthcare expenditure. It is therefore important to invest in new technologies that will deliver the best outcomes for patients and the healthcare system.

The benefits of the NTFEP include:

  • Patients have access to cutting-edge, safe, effective, and cost-effective healthcare technology.
  • Clinicians have access to the best tools available to diagnose and treat their patients.
  • Piloting new technology minimises the risk to the health system.
  • Evaluation will inform future investment and diffusion of technology across Queensland.

Funding is provided to Queensland public hospital and health services (HHSs) to introduce technologies that have demonstrated potential to improve service delivery, access to care and patient outcomes. The evaluation findings will assist decision makers regarding future investment.

A key component of the NTFEP, is an evaluation of the technology which considers: clinical safety and effectiveness, value for money, clinical need, organisational issues, and social and ethical aspects.

The NTFEP provides funding for a period up to two years with a minimum funding amount of $100,000 which includes technology, consumables, training, running costs and evaluation staffing costs.

Last updated: 9 October 2018