Paediatric sepsis

While sepsis can affect individuals from any segment of society, young children are at greater risk for sepsis and have much greater susceptibility to severe disease compared to adults. The first Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Forum was held on 21 August 2017, bringing together leaders in the field and families of patients affected by sepsis, to characterise and discuss challenges, gaps, and strategies in the prevention, recognition and treatment of children with sepsis.

Following this, the Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Working Group focused on developing a clinical pathway which includes a sepsis screening and recognition tool, treatment bundle and antibiotic prescribing and administration guidelines. Wide stakeholder, expert and consumer consultation and contribution has been included. The pathway represents best-practice and provides evidence based guidelines to support emergency department nursing and medical clinicians at point of care, to deliver standardised, time-critical care to paediatric patients with sepsis. 

The paediatric group has developed a supporting education package for clinicians including lectures, case based discussions, skill stations, quizzes as well as an eLearning package with STORK. The group is supporting education to rural and remote areas via Retrieval Services Queensland.

The paediatric group is working with families and patients affected by sepsis to better understand the requirements of these families in terms of support during the different phases of the illness. The consumers also provide feedback on parent information leaflets and factsheets developed by the group.

The paediatric group also has several nested research projects that will run alongside the breakthrough collaborative to improve our management of these patients and their families experience.

Currently the trial of the pathway, the education program, local communication strategy and evaluation plan is underway at the Gold Coast University, Robina Hospital and Rockhampton emergency departments.

More information

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Last updated: 25 March 2021