Queensland Policy and Advisory Committee for New Technology (QPACT)

The Queensland Policy and Advisory Committee for new Technology (QPACT) provides advice to Queensland Health on the adoption, diffusion, implementation and evaluation of new health technologies and their role in clinical practice. QPACT is comprised of clinicians, medical administrators, health economists and health service planners.

Traditional health technologies considered by QPACT include: diagnostic tests, devices, and medical and surgical procedures. In addition, QPACT considers clinical digital technologies such as wearable devices and mobile applications.

One of QPACT’s functions is oversight of the New Technology Funding and Evaluation Program which encourages hospital and health services (HHSs) clinicians to apply for funding for the introduction and evaluation of technologies that are new to the Queensland public health system.

To support a transparent and systematic approach to assessing technologies, QPACT has incorporated a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) framework into the decision making process. The criteria include:

  • Clinical Benefit and Safety
  • Quality of evidence
  • Burden of disease and Clinical need
  • Implementation capacity
  • Innovation
  • Societal and ethical values
Last updated: 4 January 2018