Digital Healthcare Improvement Clinical Network

The Digital Healthcare Improvement Network is a clinical advisory group providing clear, consistent and authoritative clinical input and leadership to the Queensland digital ecosystem.

Co-chaired by the Healthcare Improvement Unit’s (HIU) Dr Clair Sullivan and Dr Andrew Staib and supported by the HIU, the Digital Healthcare Improvement Network (DHIN) aims to connect clinicians across Queensland who are driven to improve patient care in the digital environment. More than 75 clinicians from around the state are involved with the network. The network’s priorities and opportunities were explored at a network launch on 20 April 2017.

The DHIN will provide clinical leadership, support and direction to clinical teams in the area of digital transformation to ensure that quality clinical care is the primary focus. The network will ensure governance and assist with prioritisation of digital activities occurring throughout Queensland Health (including the Digital Hospital program) and function as an innovation hub for digital healthcare improvement. It will provide an opportunity for clinicians to share learnings and spread improvement ideas.

The role of the network

  • Clinical communication to improve patient care using the digital platform
  • A source of clinical expertise and leadership for digital health work in Queensland (via eHealth Queensland and all other areas of Queensland Health)
  • An innovation hub
  • Building digital literacy and capability across Queensland Health
Specific functions of DHIN include:
  • Improving patient care and clinical workflows using the digital platform, including integrating care across primary, community and hospital settings
  • Assisting with prioritising enhancements to the digital platform that improve clinical care
  • Supporting transparency of current digital improvement activities
  • Facilitating clinical readiness and assisting with clinical governance of digital transformation
  • Providing guidance to facilities undergoing digital disruption to support the maintenance of performance and quality
  • Raising, filtering and escalating clinical issues with digital implementations
  • Leading the innovative use of data and analytics from the digital platform to improve quality and efficiency of patient care

Current priorities

  • Provide clinical governance input for a number of statewide digital projects and activities
  • Provide digital clinical strategic direction across Queensland Health
  • Support eHealth Queensland to ensure digital readiness at facilities
  • Provide educational and clinical support

Key initiatives

Contact us

Phone: +61 7 3328 9181
Postal Address: GPO Box 48, Brisbane 4001

Last updated: 12 January 2018