The Statewide Diabetes Clinical Network (SDCN) was established to improve the care and outcomes of patients with diabetes.

The steering committee consists of medical officers, nurses, allied health professionals, a general practitioner and a consumer representative. Membership is refreshed every two years through an expression of interest process. The SDCN also has several working groups developed to progress specific priorities under the leadership of the steering committee.

The SDCN is chaired by Dr Gaurav Puri, Endocrinologist, Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service.

The role of the network

  • Achieve quality and safety improvements in diabetes clinical practice and services using the knowledge and experience of clinicians.
  • Provide expertise, strategic direction and advice to the Department of Health in relation to diabetes issues.
  • Provide a collaborative and supportive environment for clinicians and other government and non-government personnel to be actively engaged in the improvement of care and outcomes for patients with diabetes.

Current priorities

  • Optimise the delivery of digital diabetes care within the digital hospital program (specifically focused on insulin prescribing and administration).
  • Improve the inpatient management of patients with diabetes in Queensland Health facilities.
  • Establishment of an inpatient foot coordinator in selected Hospital and Health Services to pilot a model of care to enhance management of diabetic foot complications and reduce amputations.
  • Establishment of a supportive peer review program to optimise paediatric diabetes care across the state.
  • Promotion of a set of guiding principles to facilitate the local credentialing of experienced nurses and dietitians to provide advice on insulin dose for patients with diabetes in Queensland.
  • Development of a position statement on the safe use of multiple-dose insulin injecting devices for inpatients with particular reference to the safe use of high concentration insulins now available in Queensland.
  • Development of a position statement on the use of point-of-care testing devices for measuring HbA1c in Queensland.

Education modules

The SDCN have developed a series of education modules for clinicians. These modules are hosted by the Clinical Skills Development Service. The resources are free but you will need to register to access them

Last updated: 28 April 2020