Sexual Health


The purpose of the Sexual Health Clinical Network is to function as a specialist platform to share and provide expertise, advice and recommendations to Hospital and Health Services (HHS) and the Department of Health to support high quality, evidence based, safe, effective and patient focused, equitable public sexual health services.

The network enables clinicians and other relevant stakeholders to connect with one another across Queensland to share ideas and models of care, and to work together to create solutions for shared challenges.

The role of the network

  • Provide advice and recommendations in relation to Health Service Directives, Policies, and Guidelines for the management of sexual health services.
  • Promote consistency and equity in the management and delivery of sexual health services.
  • Identify and recommend best practice, quality, safe, cost-effective, strategic, and operational initiatives to optimize sexual health services.
  • Foster innovation in relation to sexual health services, by supporting and recommending effective clinical and operational work processes.
  • Where appropriate, contribute to the development of educational materials related to sexual health that support consistency in content and equitable access to information and support services.
  • Work collaboratively with the Sexual Health Ministerial Advisory Committee and support initiatives related to the Sexual Health Strategy.
  • Provide a professional support base for sexual health clinicians within Queensland Health.
  • Provide opportunities for information sharing including research and new models of care relating to sexual health services.

Current priorities

Primary priorities
  • Workforce sustainability, training, delivery, and planning
  • Understanding and managing emerging infections in sexual health
  • Development of Key Performance Indicators
  • Data collection and reporting in sexual health
  • Models of care in sexual health
Other priorities
  • Evidence based clinical practice, including:
    • review of existing guidelines for uniformity
    • drug treatment protocols
    • policies and procedures
  • Providing a platform for primary care to identify at risk patients in their clinics
  • Advocacy: improving access to care and thereby ensure better health outcomes for consumers
  • Changes to legislation
  • Establishment of research initiatives
  • Career pathways and professional development
  • Providing advice and recommendations regarding policy decisions and direction

Contact us

Phone: +61 7 3328 9175
Postal Address: GPO Box 48, Brisbane 4001

Last updated: 5 August 2022