Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel (QEDSAP)

The combined Emergency Department Network was established in 2006 to represent Queensland Health Emergency Departments (EDs) through the three existing local area networks. In early 2008 the structure, roles and responsibilities of clinical networks were formalised and as a result the combined ED network formally became the Statewide Emergency Department Network (SWEDN) and more recently known as the Queensland Emergency Department Strategic Advisory Panel (QEDSAP).

The QEDSAP draws on the State’s Emergency Departments together to utilise their combined knowledge, clinical and operational expertise to influence, progress, develop and reform emergency care in Queensland.

The QEDSAP is Co-chaired by Dr Sean Rothwell, Dr Sean Rothwell, Director, Emergency & Trauma Centre, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and Dr Ben Close, Director of Emergency Medicine, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.

The role of QEDSAP

The QEDSAP will provide support for clinical service delivery by engaging on the strategic level to provide advice and consultative decision making regarding matters that influence and or impact delivery of emergency care services in Queensland. The QEDSAP will:

  • Identify key priority areas to facilitate improved patient access and flow through EDs with an aim towards achievement of national and state targets/benchmarks.
  • Ensure that the Queensland specific Purchasing Initiatives are consistent with and relevant to the contemporary practice of emergency medicine.
  • Ensure that ED clinical leaders are appraised of the current and future Activity Based Funding (ABF) model and Queensland specific modification via Purchasing Initiatives.
  • Promote the research, development, implementation and evaluation of innovative models of service delivery.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders regarding future capital re-development and/or significant restructure of existing emergency care services, including service planning and associated workforce requirements.
  • Support regional and rural delivery of emergency medical services.
  • Identify initiatives that support access to emergency care and are cost effective in achieving patient focused outcomes.
  • Support quality and safety initiatives that facilitate improved patient outcomes.

Contact us

Email: QEDSAP@health.qld.gov.au
Phone: +61 7 3328 9156
Postal Address: GPO Box 48, Brisbane 4001

Last updated: 23 May 2022