Intensive Care

The Queensland Intensive Care Clinical Network is a multidisciplinary group responsible for the strategic direction and delivery of intensive care services across the care continuum in Queensland. The Queensland Intensive Care Clinical Network aims to provide high level leadership, expertise and specialist clinical advice to the Department of Health, Hospital and Health Services, clinicians and other stakeholders to promote optimal health outcomes in the area of intensive care services in Queensland.

The role of the network

  • Improve the quality and delivery of intensive care services.
  • Identify key priority areas impacting on the delivery of intensive care services.
  • Formulate strategies to address identified key priority areas to minimise and/or negate their impact on the delivery of intensive care services.
  • Develop an open and supportive environment for all clinicians working within intensive care in Queensland.
  • Foster education and research.

Current priorities

  • Collect data from public and private intensive care units to monitor the safety of intensive care provision across the state.
  • Develop and test tools to assist State Counter Disaster Management to support, maintain and coordinate critical care in response to a disaster.
  • Develop and support a nursing transition to practice program.
  • Develop and implement an online learning resource and workshops to improve efficacy, safety and governance of hospital critical care patient transfers and care delivery in the mobile environment.
  • Develop an ECMO retrieval framework for Queensland.
  • Support the ongoing review of the Clinical Information System.
  • Monitor the issues associated with PB980 ventilators.

Adult Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) Retrievals

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Last updated: 23 May 2022