General Medicine

The Queensland General Medicine Clinical Network is a multidisciplinary group responsible for the strategic direction and delivery of general medicine services across the care continuum in Queensland. The Queensland General Medicine Clinical Network aims to provide high level leadership, expertise and specialist clinical advice to the Department of Health, Hospital and Health Services, clinicians and other stakeholders to promote optimal health outcomes in the area of general medicine services in Queensland.

The Queensland General Medicine Clinical Network steering committee meets monthly and is co-chaired by Assoc. Professor Jeffrey Rowland and Erin Dunn, Metro North Hospital and Health Service .

The role of the network

  • Provide expertise, direction and advice to healthcare administrators and planners, the Department of Health and government whilst considering both statewide and local issues.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to key clinical streams and their advisory groups.
  • Participate in the planning, coordinating, service improvement activities and the sharing of evidence based best practice in the field of general medicine.
  • Provide expert advice and feedback on current and emerging general medicine issues (such as planning, priority areas, service improvement activities, equity issues and workforce requirements) considering both statewide and local issues.

Current priorities

  • Identify areas of improvement and develop a statewide guidance document for Transitional Care.
  • Enhance service planning within MAPU’s (Medical Assessment and Planning Unit) across Queensland.
  • Expand a nursing and allied health capability development portal.
  • Co-design and co-deliver combined network forums in different aspects of care.
  • Optimise digital systems in regards to comprehensive assessment and care planning.
  • Minimise low benefit care.
  • Expedite discharge of long-stay patients.
  • Minimise inappropriate polypharmacy.
  • Enhance advance care planning.

Key initiatives

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Postal Address: GPO Box 48, Brisbane 4001

Last updated: 21 July 2022