The Queensland Diabetes Clinical Network aims improve care and outcomes for people with diabetes.

The steering committee consists of medical officers, nurses, allied health professionals, a general practitioner and a consumer representative. Membership is refreshed every two years through an expression of interest process. The Queensland Diabetes Clinical Network also has several working groups developed to progress specific priorities under the leadership of the steering committee.

The role of the network

  • Improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of care, services and the healthcare system for people with diabetes.
  • Provide expertise, strategic direction and advice to the Department of Health in relation to diabetes.
  • Engage clinicians, consumers and other government and non-government personnel in collaborative and supportive improvement initiatives.

Current priorities

  • Trial the Virtual Outpatient Integration for Chronic Disease (VOICeD) model of care (developed by Queensland Diabetes Clinical Network) as an integrated telehealth service for people with concurrent diabetes, renal and cardiac disease.
  • Create a Statewide integrated diabetes data collection focusing on outpatient data (Queensland Diabetes BioGrid Project) .
  • Launch a public awareness campaign with National partners, to reduce Diabetic Ketoacidosis in children prior to diagnosis through earlier recognition of type 1 diabetes.
  • Develop and trial a transition model to support quality and continuity for children with type 1 diabetes as they move from paediatric to adult diabetes services.
  • Support identification and management of Type 2 diabetes in Children.
  • Continue supporting Ambulatory Diabetic Foot Services, inpatient management of people with diabetes and optimising diabetes related workflows in the digital care environment.


Last updated: 9 May 2024