Individualising patient care in cancer-related lymphoedema

Initiative Type
Service Improvement
27 August 2019
Last updated
29 November 2019


ICG Lymphatic Imaging is an emerging technique used to visualise functional superficial lymphatic system. With the support of a Metro South SERTA project grant, the PA Lymphoedema Service has established Australia’s first public ICG lymphatic mapping clinic to support individualised lymphoedema treatment planning.

The project has successfully navigated healthcare system challenges to deliver change, improvement and innovation in their own health service and was presented at the Clinical Excellence Queensland Showcase 2019.

Key dates
Apr 2018
Implementation sites
Princess Alexandra Hospital
Macquarie University


To provide individualised care for patients with cancer-related lymphoedema through the use of ICG lymphatic imaging to inform treatment planning.


Increased patient centred care with targeted individualised therapy planning for chronic disease management. Increased patient engagement and confidence in their self management program.


The lymphatic system functions as a drainage system of fluid as well as an immune system by controlling immune responses. It consists of lymphatics and lymph nodes (LNs), and plays important roles in the pathogenesis of several diseases, such as lymphedema, cancer metastasis, and various inflammatory conditions.

Solutions Implemented

We have been able to individualise self-management strategies and descalate therapy treatment in some cases with the information gained through the use of this procedure.

Evaluation and Results

We are reviewing individual cases from early pilot implementation to assess the impact to therapy planning, patient experience and evaluate the infrastructure and workflow of the clinic.

Lessons Learnt

Importance of identifying and maintaining engagement of key stakeholders in all phases of planning and implementation of service change, along with the importance of the organisation culture and priorities in the success of service innovation initiatives.

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Key contact

Megan Trevethan
Occupational Therapist
Princess Alexandra Hospital
(07) 3176 5008